Regina is a Philadelphia native and was raised in the city with a great appreciation for music, art, imagination, and creativity.

Her affinity for the arts was fostered through weekends spent studying painting and sketching at Fleisher Art School and later, years of piano instruction and double bass classes at the Philadelphia School for Creative and Performing Arts.

After a short spell at college she started an extensive career in design working first in jewelry production and then clothing design, leading to creating Niko, her own collection of women’s wear. In 2006 she shifted gears a bit and opened the award-winning boutique, Grasshopper on Washington Square in Philadelphia. In 2011, Regina closed shop and refocused, revisiting her early loves of design and art, starting Forged & Found.

Heavily influenced by nostalgia, days spent at the beach and a lifelong passion for traveling, Regina’s defining aesthetic is a rustic minimalism touched with a bohemian flair. She currently resides in Athens, Georgia and works from a space in Southern Star Studio.