balancing act


I have been social media free for one long week now and it's been such an eye opening gift! Truth be told, I am not heavily invested in many social media platforms. Instagram has been my venue of choice but beyond that there is only Pinterest which I enjoy for inspiration, browsing images and ideas that inform my work, home improvements, and wardrobe goals. Lately though Instagram was getting me down. I was feeling a pressure to be present on the app, to create content and it started to feel like a job. I also was feeling uneasy about the fact that I was seeing so clearly into peoples private lives that I don't really actually know. All those selfies and stories were starting to just be too much. I began to question, "why am I doing this?". It's a question I see  a lot of other people struggling with and I am always curious to know how other people are managing this. The fact that social media is #1) a thing and that it #2) needs to managed or controlled is a modern day problem that I am fascinated by.

I had a moment in 2010 with Facebook.One night while browsing my newsfeed I got fed up and wound up deleting my account right then and there and have happily never gone back. In late 2011 I got my first iPhone, and after multiple friends commented to me how much I would love Instagram, I installed the app. They were right, I did love it. But things changed over time. Instagram was bought by Facebook and my account, which started as a personal photo diary, morphed into a showcase for my pottery work.

Though I am disappointed in the new algorithm and frustrated by a lot of the changes that have been made the fact is, Instagram has been a huge part of growing my business and because of that I can't discredit it. I also can't completely stop using it at this point as I feel it impacts my sales. Though for now I am going to continue this mini detox for at least another week. It has taught me a lot about the habit that I had formed with the app. I also have been embarrassingly stunned by how much more time I have in my day, most especially to dedicate to work. I have been cranking out pots undistracted and I like the way that feels. 

And during this break I am making notes. When I return to posting again I am hoping to have some new boundaries, priorities and balance. My hope is to continue to use it as a business tool but also have fun with it and keep things light. Until then I will have my head down and hands covered in dirt. I am so enjoying this time to just be creating. That in itself is inspiring me. 

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