a giveaway & settling into a new year

I was hoping to be writing here sooner than now but I have had the fortunate problem of too much work. Right at the end of last December I reached out to my list of retailers to open up wholesale ordering for 2019. The response was pretty tremendous. I now have enough work to take me into early April! At this point I am in the middle of it all and coming up for a bit of air. At first it was hard to transition from the intense and strict making schedule I was running on pre-holidays but I am making the conscious decision to put in shorter days and map out my work smartly over the course of each month. It is a challenge for me but I am getting better at it and am benefiting from it.

Because of my current steady workload I haven’t made time to put effort into much in the way of new product design and development. That is a balance I am seriously still struggling with. It is my goal this month to make a shift in focus so that I can have more time spent on new work and to make the time to be more present here, on this blog and with my customers via the Forged & Found Newsletter.

In an effort to create more community through & with my newsletter subscribers, I am giving away the pictured incense burner and oil diffuser as a set to one lucky subscriber. If you are already on the list, you are in the game! If not, sign up to add your email address before 5pm Friday, February 15th to go in the draw. You must be subscribed to participate.

One last piece of news… There will be a small shop update happening later this week! Subscribers always know when first.

Regina Mandell