marching into spring


Next week will mark a full month without the Instagram app on my phone and it has been an extremely productive and informative time. Most of it was spent focusing on and finishing wholesale orders while squeaking in some time to work on a few new pieces of work. I am not sure if the darkness of winter has inspired this, but I am putting rainbows on everything these days! This weekend I will be adding some neutral toned rainbow wall hangings to the shop. The multi-colored cup shown above is actually just a glaze test but the more that I look at it, the more I am leaning towards making it a new cup or mug style. I do plan on working those bright, pleasant colors into a new design based on the chakra system. I have been reading Eastern Body, Western Mind and it has definitely gotten in to my psyche. Stay tuned for that coming hopefully next month!

Besides gaining a strong focus on work, my time off of IG has given me perspective. I did not miss it anywhere near as much as I thought I would. Quite like when I ditched Facebook, I actually did not miss it at all. I did have a bit of reactionary/habitual grabbing for the phone in the beginning but that swiftly subsisted and was replaced with a sense of relief. While I was taking this break, I researched some planning tools so that when I return to social media I can schedule out my posts and spend less time consumed, checking, scrolling, wasting time. I am sort of looking forward to testing out this new approach and think I may give it a go next week if it feels right.

In the meantime, the rest of March will be spent finishing up my last big wholesale work order while planning new work for Spring. As the temps rise, the day light lasts a little longer and we spend more time outside, I am going to focus on things that I gravitate towards this time of year… planters, lanterns, bird feeders, wind chimes. I hope to have these things and more in an April shop update. Check back!

Regina Mandell